There's something "wild" about these new wildfires...

Apocalypse now?
Here's a massive collection of info and imagery I have compiled on these fires that seem to defy all laws of natural physics.

Interesting how all these fires started in the middle of the night, sooo far away from each other. Too far to spread by natural means...

Can you spot the AnomaLIES?

Something is seriously wrong here.

You can't see the forest fire, for the trees...

A most precise and selective fire...

This was an entire neighborhood. Homes turned to ash. Metal disintegrated.  Trees seem mostly fine?
There are countless examples, from all over...

 Ever seen a forest fire turn the body of a truck to ash?
Melt glass and alloy, yet not harm plastic?

Check out the molten metal. Is that really from a forest fire? The trees are intact. Nothing here would naturally burn at the temperatures required to make metal turn to liquid. The rims are missing. That is molten alloy.
Glass melts at 2700 degrees, wildfires burn at 1500 max. Notice how all the windows melted in every house and car? How alloy wheels (that have a melting point between 1600 and 2000 deg depending on materials) were a puddle of molten metal, many found far from any fire source...

And what's this crazy talk about "Directed Energy Weapons"??? (DEW)

Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts

By Clay Dillow June 28, 2012

SMOKING GUN: Hard Evidence Shows Camp Fire Was Manmade, Genocide and Mass Destruction of Paradise Carefully Planned

Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

Lightning laser weapon developed by US Army

Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts

Why The Army’s Experimenting With Laser-Guided Lightning

Pentagon Shifts Focus on Directed Energy Weapons Technology

You MUST watch this. How they create and direct lightning using freq. Another fine production from APlaneTruth

[Video deleted]

Screenshot from official site.

Deleted within hours after the comment section erupted into a raging debate about what was really happening...

Btw, Michelle Fain, honeybunch, lens flares don't start forest fires...
I wish you the best on being a future interweb legend. But seriously, one day when schoolchildren learn about this they will wonder how we could have been so daft to not realize what was happening??? And why all the people who were told, still failed to realize it??? And on top of that, called those people who warned them "crazy conspiracy theorists" and treated em like village idiots. Oh, the bloody irony...  History is repeating.

Lens flares typically occur when the direct light source is shining in the lens. This does not seem to be the case here. Even if so, that would have been the most amazing coincidence in the history of coincidence.
That leaves Photoshop. Either someone punked the National Forest service, or they punked the public? Aside from practical joke there's no real benefit to create some laser fire myth.

Aside from that, why would they have posted the image? Obviously any rational person would look at this and think, "Laser strike".
Was it a cry for help? Trying to expose something without having to actually say it, and pretend it was a mistake? A USFS official made a comment that "it was probably a lens flare"... Either they knew... and played it off... or they were just really daft? I'll assume these guys are not daft, Rangers are required to have a bachelor's degree in forestry/science at minimum. I'll go with they are freaked out and want to raise awareness without getting struck by a laser for making a "crazy" public accusation? But that's just a wild assumption.

Maybe if you were aware of how many other people have photographed these crazy "lens flares" and mentioned flashes of light from the sky... it would make more sense and freak you out as well?

What cooks from the inside out? Microwave energy.

We know "Solaren Corp. is based in Manhattan Beach, CA. They hold two patents for transmitting microwave directed energy from space to pinpoint locations on earth.
1 – Under patent US7612284B2 , a solar-powered satellite will generate a powerful microwave radio frequency beam focused on an array of collector antennas where it will be transformed to electrical power supplied to PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric)"

Best piece on this yet in terms of "why".
This gentleman lives in the Santa Rosa area, he makes the case solid with supporting evidence. He considers that they used directed energy weapons and smart meters to remove these homes for U.N. Agenda 21 redevelopment. He even found redevelopment plans for the exact area that burned, down to the street. "Quelle coincidence"? You gotta see his video (linked below).  While you can... They have been deleting his clips and messing with his channel since he published this. His channel is called A Plane Truth. He's been doing some amazing research since this clip I recommend as well.

How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created
New link, original account was deleted.

[Video Deleted by YouTube]

2018 update with more detail on redevelopment plans
Paradise Lost #1 ~ Who Is Setting the Whirled on Fire ?

[Video Deleted by YouTube]

Super wow. Produced by firefighters on they ground. At 4:30 he exclaims that "it looks like a freaking bomb went off"...
At 5:40 you see homes completely engulfed yet trees are NOT on fire???
You also see them passing a gas station that did not catch fire while the restaurants were engulfed around it. You hear first hand these guys realizing this was not a normal day on the job.

The Simpsons have more success than Nostradamus at "predicting" events.
Frightening "coincidence" to what happened to Paradise and Santa Rosa, and Santa Barbara and Malibu and Redding and Gatlinburg and....

Then there's this

"Ok folks, this is a screen grab from a youtube video showing footage from the Santa Rosa fires. This image shows a car that has melted. But note the green grass it is parked next to. Why is that? And there are no scorch marks on the pavement. Isn't that weird? And if you watch the video, you'll see trees still standing and leafy green between houses that are completely GONE. Pine trees. Pine trees are super combustible. I don't know...this looks really weird to me...

Interesting example of a lens flare (actually a sensor artifact) and "coincidence"... :) Notice direct light source is in the lens.

For more on lens flares/sensor artifacts in comparison to DEW please consider this report.

Here's the video it was pulled from if you want to check out the footage for yourself

Floor mat intact while everything else is incinerated. Plastic and wood remain in many of these examples while metal and glass are turned to ash. Similar examples were seen on 911 and Iraq.

CA "Smart Fires"; INTruthbyGrace Explains Microwave Laser Technology Likely Used

Dr Judy Wood's lecture on the subject of directed energy...

Many people reported seeing blue flashes of light. I know one person who thought N. Korea had set off a nuke because of the mushroom cloud she witnessed from miles away. This was during some heated tension and rhetoric from the fearless leader. (To understand the context at the time)

Here's a fun one

Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts
The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) can be used to destroy anything that conducts electricity

Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerates Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES

This one is very interesting. Albeit long, very informative and certainly covers the characteristics observed.

I heard they chose to not use the reverse 911 warning system for homeowners in the fire path. Is there any evidence any of those people evacuated in that Santa Rosa neighborhood? How do we know they were not just sacrificed and incinerated?

I am aware in Canada they replaced scores of smart meters because homes were catching on fire.

The 5G system is another one to consider.

5G (microwave)started fires in California.‬

This one is very interesting by Elana Freeland. Albeit long, very informative and certainly covers the characteristics observed in terms of Directed Energy Technology.

 Plastic is known to be "microwave safe". It is also known to melt when exposed to wildfires...

 What cooks from the inside out? Microwaves.

 There are many other examples to compare
 Iraq. First recorded use of directed energy weapons
China "Chemical plant explosion"
Which was preceded by a flash of light. These cars were rather far away...

Australia, 2009 called "Black Saturday"

 And then Portugal Oct 2017
Notice the similarities...

You see how they are burning in series??? Like it is being programmed, one after another. I assume the Smart meter hijacks the electric system and energizes the whole house like a space heater. Possibly altering the frequency to one that breaks down the materials more effectively. An MOR. Mortal Oscillatory Rate, but for homes... Just another crazy theory to add to the pile.
They are not burning in the traditional sense. They are being incinerated.
Is it obvious yet?

How about now?
And then there's this...

PG&E facing criminal charges for the wildfires

Q Anon weighed in on a very interesting "theory".
Cui bono?

Doesn't seem so crazy anymore.
Something odd about this single bolt of "lightning".

Agenda 21 redevelopment is happening whether you believe it or not... Either it's a funny coincidence? Or an intentional and deliberate action?

Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed


Like the ones they showed destroying Malibu...
It's like the DEW laser "lightning", but they just hold down the button longer and swirl it around.
Because nobody goes looking for a suspect when they beLIEve "God" did it. Agenda 21 / 30 in action.

From the Paradise extermination fire

Watch this carefully. A steel and asphalt bridge melted. Still sizzling long after fire passed through. Normal wildfires don't do this... The surrounding trees are not even burning. There is no wood under the bridge. Even if you had piles of wood under the bridge burning, it doesn't get that hot burning wood in open air. This example is indicative of a directed microwave energy discharge. Ever seen a fork in the microwave? Yeah. Here's your first hint.

I know some "people" are just gonna say someone must have sprayed some magic jet fuel on it, but watch the clip anyway...

Now here's a link dump on the Malibu and Paradise fires. I'll get around to organizing this later...

 The #WoolseyFire in southern California started on the property of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory #SSFL (aka Rocketdyne), where nuclear and rocket testing had occurred. It was also the site of a partial meltdown of a test reactor in 1959. It is one of the most contaminated sites in the US. Anyone downwind of the facility should be very concerned about radioactive particulates and toxins in the smoke... Of course, the media is dead silent on this.

It's like opening day at the apocalypse.
It's the final season of "Earth" the reality show...

But don't worry, breathe deep, the shiny man from the government says there's nothing to worry about...

There is speculation they were partly responsible for the fire...
The same could be said about PG&E with the Paradise fire.
Maybe it's time to talk about "Electricity Control"...

Have a read and consider the implications of the fire that just scorched some of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory buildings.
The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities located on a 2,668-acre (1,080 ha)[1] portion of the Southern California Simi Hills in Simi Valley, California. It was used mainly for the development and testing of liquid-propellant rocket engines for the United States space program from 1949 to 2006,[1] nuclear reactors from 1953 to 1980 and the operation of a U.S. government-sponsored liquid metals research center from 1966 to 1998.[2] The site is located approximately 7 miles (11 km) northwest from the community of Canoga Park and approximately 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Sage Ranch Park is adjacent on part of the northern boundary and the community of Bell Canyon along the entire southern boundary.[3]
Throughout the years, about ten low-power nuclear reactors operated at SSFL, in addition to several "critical facilities" that helped develop nuclear science and applications. At least four of the ten nuclear reactors had accidents during their operation. The reactors located on the grounds of SSFL were considered experimental, and therefore, had no containment structures.
The site ceased research and development operations in 2006. The years of rocket testing, nuclear reactor testing, and liquid metal research have left the site "significantly contaminated". Environmental cleanup is ongoing.
In 2018, a 7-year-old girl living in Simi Valley died of neuroblastoma, prompting public urging to thoroughly clean up the site.[4]

This one has some great information pinpointing where fire started and what facilities were burned.


Man Criticized for Sharing Footage of Bodies Charred by Wildfires

American Horror Story teaser.

 CA Senate Bill 375 (2007-2008), which states future sustainable development planning projects will not be obstructed from their consummation, and failure for cities to comply will be forced to suffer the consequences.

Regardless of all the propaganda to the contrary... Antifa does not control the [laser guided] lightning... 

It's a scapegoat ploy


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